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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Launch of Faculty of 1000 low vision section

Faculty of 1000 (f1000) is a “post-publication peer review” site where researchers and clinicians are invited to comment on papers which they have recently read. The ophthalmology section of f1000 has just launched and I am pleased to report that Low Vision is a recognised subsection of the website. It can be accessed at:


The evaluations published so far are quite complimentary. I imagine that people are more likely to comment on papers which they like (or which they very much dislike!). This site should become a useful resource for identifying new research papers in low vision and for seeing some expert commentary on these publications.

I am very pleased that Faculty of 1000 recognised Low Vision as an area which warrants a separate section of their website, and look forward to reading some interesting reviews of new low vision papers.

[Disclaimer: I am a member of Faculty of 1000 for the low vision section; I do not receive any payment for this]