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New (2009) journal impact factors

The 2009 journal impact factors have just been released.

This won’t mean much to those readers who don’t publish research, but my post on the last impact factors is the most visited page on this blog – perhaps as people can find this by Googling “ophthalmology impact factors”.

Impact factors (IFs) are a way of comparing different scientific journals. A high impact factor journal is one where papers in that journal are cited more frequently by other researchers than a journal with a lower impact factor. Whilst being cited isn’t a marker of quality – a citation which says “this work is superb” has the same weight as a citation which criticises the work – better journals tend to have more highly cited papers than poorer journals. In the UK, the impact factor of the journals you publish is often used as a marker of your esteem as a scientist.

Anyway, I have summarised the 2009 impact factor of some journals which publish low vision research:

Ophthalmology 5.5 (2nd highest IF in ophthalmology)
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science (IOVS) 3.4 (6th, down from 4th)
Journal of Vision 3.0 (7th, up from 9th)
Retina 2.9 (8th)
British Journal of Ophthalmology 2.9 (9th)
Vision Research 2.3 (18th)
Eye 1.97 (20th, down from 17th)
Optometry and Vision Science 1.53 (25th, down from 22nd)
Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 1.15 (34th, up from 37th).

The full scores can be found at Web of Knowledge (subscription required, click on “Additional Resources”).


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