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ARVO 2010 review

As promised, here is my summary of this year’s ARVO conference. I’m writing this somewhere over Spain on my flight home (journey 2 hours longer than usual due to volcanic ash).

The meeting was well attended by the low vision community, although the scheduling was not kind to us: the bulk of the poster presentations were condensed into two sessions, and there were few relevant talk sessions. Presentations which stood out for me included: Calabrese and colleagues, who showed that people with wet AMD read more quickly than those with dry AMD (a very surprising result); some interesting work on peer pressure and low vision device use in children by Manastersky; and some interesting work on sleep problems in people with retinitis pigmentosa by Overbury and colleagues.

However the most important news from the conference was that Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science (one of the leading vision research journals, and an official journal of ARVO) will start having a low vision section. This is excellent news and shows the importance with which low vision research is being viewed. It will be great to have a high quality journal which will, I imagine, become the natural home of rigorous low vision research publications.


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