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lowvisionnews.org – the first six months

As the year draws to a close, I have been looking at the stats for this blog. Since starting on June 24th 2009, there have been 2,021 visits to the blog posts – an average of 58 readers per post.

The top five most visited posts (excluding the ‘about’ page) were:
2008 Journal impact factors
Sony Reader: a missed opportunity for low vision users
Opinion piece: Low vision care in a state funded health system
What is the future of assistive devices for the visually impaired?
2009 Conference previews

I have had some very interesting emails and discussions with people who have read the blog: professionals and service users; researchers and clinicians. In 2010 I will continue posting research and conference news of interest to low vision specialists and people with visual impairment.

Any suggestions for future posts, or comments on the frequency of posts (initially two posts per week, now generally one post each week) will be gratefully received – the “comments” section is open.

Finally, I wish every reader of lowvisionnews.org a very happy new year.


One response to “lowvisionnews.org – the first six months

  1. G F Mueden December 22, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    #1> Please ditch that SPAP thing; it interferes with my reading what I want to read

    #2> Try and persuade WordPress to enable visitor’s choice of font in this text entry box. The font used is very wimpy and hard to read. The rest of the page is fine.

    #3 I did not see how I could find your archives. I would like to learn what was presented at meetings.

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