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Conference review: Envision 2009

I have just returned from the Envision Conference in San Antonio, Texas, and I was very impressed by it.

The conference is relatively small – about 400 delegates – and attracts a range of optometrists, occupational therapists, low vision rehab professionals and researchers. I wasn’t surprised that the standard of clinical education was high, but I must admit that I hadn’t expected the research sessions to be as strong as they were.

Many of the big names in low vision research were presenting- Eli Peli, Bob Massof, George Timberlake, Greg Goodrich, Olga Overbury et al, as were several of the people I respect from ‘my’ generation of researchers such as Shirin Hassan and Walter Wittich. I also particularly enjoyed Duane Geruschat’s presentation on street crossing, Bob Massof’s review of electronic low vision aids, and Joan Stelmack’s update on the LOVIT trial.

The size of the meeting made it very sociable as well, and I had some great Mexican food down on the riverfront.

I was not able to attend the whole conference this year and missed several talks I would have liked to attend. However, I’ll definitely go back to envision again, and will recommend it to my colleagues too.


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