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USA visit report 3/3: Gordon Legge’s lab

The major purpose of my US trip was to spend some time in the Minnesota Laboratory for Low Vision Research, Dr Gordon Legge’s lab at the University of Minnesota. Dr Legge’s particular interest is in reading with visual impairment and he is unquestionably a world expert in this field.

A significant contribution which Dr Legge has made is the seminal Psychophysics of Reading series of papers (recently published in book form as Psychophysics of Reading in Normal and Low Vision: amazon.com link; amazon.co.uk link). He also developed the MNREAD reading speed test which has become the gold standard for measuring reading in people with low vision.

Gordon’s lab has recently purchased a MP-1 micoperimeter and I was pleased to be able to share some of my experiences with this instrument with the people in the lab, and I also gave a teaching session on the MP-1.

We had a very interesting series of discussions about what exactly constitutes a preferred retinal locus (the retinal area repeatably used for fixating a target by people with central vision loss) and how this can be defined. We also had some stimulating discussion about the role of artificial scotomas in rehabilitation research – to what extent can simulated central vision loss mimic the performance of people who have “real” central vision loss caused by macular disease or other conditions? Expect more on these topics in future blog posts…


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